***  Please make a copy of this important info and keep it close to your telephone!  ***

In case of Smoke or Fire - Call 911

Intruder on property
- Call 911

Plumbing Issuses
Quality Plumbing - (619) 438-3267 (Contact Eric)  
Our plumbing system is very old and tricky. Quality Plumbing has been servicing our system for a very long time and knows how to prep and repair it without causing further damage.

In case of violations of Rules & Regulations and/or contact with the Board
Call Ellie Murphy at Pernicano Management Company - (619) 543-9400 Ext #5223

Contact info for Pernicano Realty
Regular hours (619) 543-9400 Ext #5223
Afterhours: (858) 569-5702
Or, email Ellie Murphy at ellie@pernicanorealty.com

City contact info for questions relevant to the area in general, not limited to Villa Fontaine
Councilman Scott Sherman's office - Call (619) 236-6677